Essex, MA Anniversary Portrait Session | Austin and Kim

The fall season has been busy with portrait sessions, so I've been madly editing.  Of course, the most gratifying part is getting to show you guys! 

Last month, my good friend Kim and I set up a time to take anniversary pictures of her and her husband Austin.  They were married a little over a year ago, and like myself, never got around to getting engagement pictures done.  That's why I love the idea of milestone anniversary portraits!  It's like a second chance for those of us who missed the boat because of wedding madness the first time around.  Plus, it's so nice to have these pictures to chronicle years of marriage--especially the milestones like 1, 5, 10, etc.  

So we started off our session in Ipswich. Unbeknownst to us, we trespassed on a gigantic "private" soccer field.  Oh well.

Essex, MA couples portraits

What could I say?  The light was perfect, so I couldn't help myself...trespassing laws be damned.

It didn't take long for the session to get goofy.  Classic Uncle Austin.



Oh, and I love this one.  I don't really have much to say about it, aside from the fact that I could have really used a step stool, considering my debilitating height.  But I still really like how it came it should be on a fancy blog somewhere.



I love fall photography; don't you?


After we were booted out of the area, we moved along into beautiful, rural Essex, Massachusetts.



 I assured Austin that should he contact Lyme disease from being in that field, he would have some really lovely pictures of his last days of good health. And we headed toward home.  Except I lied, and took him into Annisquam instead.  Whoops.  What a good sport.



There's this really cool footbridge taking you into Annisquam village.  


And the foliage was super pretty.  

Happily ever after.  The end!