Gloucester House Bridal Shower | Shawna and Darren

Sometimes it feels like living in Gloucester is living on the other side of the world.  I have plenty of people in my life who are my "summertime" friends, who I usually only see when they come to beach.  I've grown used to a 30 minute minimum drive no matter what.  So getting the opportunity to photograph Shawna and Darren's bridal shower at the Gloucester House was something truly special.  It felt good to be working locally for a change!

Shawna is a good friend and co-worker of my husband, and, in fact, have known each other for many years.  So when she got engaged, I was incredibly honored that she asked me to capture her bridal shower, knowing how much time, energy, and love she put into arranging all the details of that day.  

Shawna looked like a dream at her bridal shower, wearing her mother's wedding dress.  Also, if you know anything about shoes or fashion you will surely swoon when you spot those red-soled beauties (ahem, Mr. Louboutin) she wore to her bridal shower.

If you know Shawna, it won't surprise you that her bridal shower quickly morphed its way into a dance party with the help of DJ Vito and lasted well into the evening hours. 

I have to say, one of my favorite things about this party, aside from the darling couple, was Shawna's complete and utter joy and excitement on that day--and happiness in being able to share it with some of her closest girlfriends.

 Please enjoy some of my favorites from that day, and leave some comments below too!

Congratulations, Shawna and Darren! 12.31.2014

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