Precious Baby Girl and Big Brother Newborn Session / Little L

Little L has to be one of my favorite newborn girl sessions to date.  Weeks before our session, I had way too much fun ordering new delicate, girly, sweet headbands and stretch wraps from Etsy.  

During our session, Baby L napped while we played a soothing noise machine and kept the room nice and toasty with a space heater.  Big brother stepped in a bit later to play professional photography assistant and to join in the picture fun with his new sister.  My heart genuinely melted when he started to whisper little songs in her ear as she slept!  Gah! 

Later, during our image reveal session, Baby L's family was in tears over her image slideshow.  And can you blame them? Check our lil' L's newborn session below and don't forget to leave some love below in the comment section!