What is the Best Time of Day to Schedule my Portraits | Ella's Senior Session

Ask any photographer about the time of day you’ll find the best lighting, and I bet you one million dollars that the words “golden hour” will come out of their mouth.

What is the golden hour?

It’s the hour that leads up to sunset. This is the time when the sun is the most directional, meaning that it’s not blasting down at you from overhead, creating some nasty raccoon eyes or making you squint. Mid day sun can be harsh and unforgiving. Golden hour has dreamy light, that will make your hair glow from behind and cast warm rays.

Check out below how the sun is lighting up the sea grass behind Ella during her senior portrait session.

An added perk is that the golden hour leads right up until sunset where sometimes we can get some beautiful color in the sky. Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see the sunset casting gorgeous colors across the ocean behind Ella.

Of course, help with picking the perfect time for your session isn’t the only thing I’m good for! There are many other ways I like to coordinate with my clients prior to their session.

Ready to see for yourself?

Merrimac MA senior pictures Ella-1.jpg
Merrimac MA senior pictures Ella-15.jpg
Merrimac MA senior pictures Ella-18.jpg
Merrimac MA senior pictures Ella-11.jpg
Merrimac MA senior pictures Ella-34.jpg
Merrimac MA senior pictures Ella-41.jpg
Merrimac MA senior pictures Ella-56.jpg
Merrimac MA senior pictures Ella-49.jpg