Mines Falls Nashua NH family pictures | Joell & Mandy

Here in eastern Massachusetts we've had, like, the third snowiest winter on record. Just yesterday we wrapped up yet another blizzard, and tomorrow we are forecasted to get another six inches.  It was only about mid-January when everyone was wondering where the snow went.  Then we stopped wondering when the snow never stopped!

Personally, I'm a fan of the snow. If it is going to be bitter cold, it might as well be snowing.  I'm fortunate enough to not need to deal with commuting in the snow and I have a big strong man to shovel away my snow.  

Little did we know back in October when we shot this family portrait session that we would be waist deep in snow by now.  

When Mandy and I were exploring location options for her family portrait session, I mentioned Mines Falls on the recommendation of one of my fellow photographers.  Mandy and Joell were instantly excited--this was a special spot for both of them.  In fact, they take their beloved black lab Roxy for a walk there nearly every day.  This was my first time exploring Mines Falls, and I could instantly see the beauty of the natural space.  

Before their session ended, we took a few moments to capture this young family in front of their home, as they were going to be moving in a matter of a few weeks.  This family is so sweet and so near and dear to my heart.  I hope you enjoy these precious photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them!  Feel free to leave some love for this adorable family in the comment section below!

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