Get Outdoors on a Snow Day / Winter family photo session with style

One of my favorite things is when I get to take pictures of people I love. Mostly because when I’m with my clients, I try to rein in the excitement I get from a session and keep things profesh. With my friends though….I can really just let loose. “Oh my god, this looks so good!” *Insert squeal of joy here*

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing my dear friend and her family while we were away together on a getaway in Maine. We found a great tree farm nearby, and spent some time playing in the snow.

Brady family 2017-2.jpg
Brady family 2017-6.jpg

I absolutely love the outfit coordination in this session, and I often steer my winter clients to these images for inspiration. It’s okay to mix patterns if you’re working in the same color scheme.

Brady family 2017-11.jpg
Brady family 2017-15.jpg
Brady family 2017-20.jpg

I mean, come on! Don’t they look like a J Crew ad?! I am still so obsessed with these images.

Brady family 2017-28.jpg

During a session with me, I always try to get that one shot with everyone smiling into the camera. But it’s those in between moments that I really love, because that’s where you can find all of the emotion. Just look at the joy these guys have in being with one another.

Brady family 2017-36.jpg
Brady family 2017-39.jpg
Brady family 2017-41.jpg
Brady family 2017-44.jpg
Brady family 2017-51.jpg
Brady family 2017-53.jpg
Brady family 2017-58.jpg
Brady family 2017-62.jpg
Brady family 2017-72.jpg
Brady family 2017-79.jpg

To end our session, we made a quick stop to a forest filled with white birch trees. Sigh.

Brady family 2017-85.jpg
Brady family 2017-92.jpg
Brady family 2017-104.jpg

Beach Maternity Session | Esther and family

When I was first starting out in the Gloucester/Rockport MA area as a photographer, I began to look around at other local photographers to see if I could start to make connections. Almost immediately, I came across Esther's website (because she's fabulous and super talented !) and a blog post on her site about the importance of showing a collaborative spirit with competitors. When I reached out to her, she was super supportive and friendly so it didn't take long for us to become friends.

I think our friendship really cemented itself, though, when we discovered that we were both pregnant with due dates only days apart from each other! It's always comforting to be able to commiserate with someone who is going through the same experience as you at the same time. (Ultimately, I delivered about a month earlier as I have twins who needed to be induced.)

Anyway, it was pretty much a no-brainer that we exchanged our maternity pictures.  Take a scroll through Esther and Dan's maternity session on the coast at Bass Rocks in Gloucester and at Good Harbor Beach. Be sure to check out that super-moon at the end!

Esther maternity-5.jpg
Esther maternity-8.jpg
Esther maternity-12.jpg
Esther maternity-13.jpg
Esther maternity-15.jpg
Esther maternity-21.jpg
Esther maternity-22.jpg
Esther maternity-26.jpg
Esther maternity-32.jpg
Esther maternity-56.jpg
Esther maternity-60.jpg
Esther maternity-81.jpg

Carroll Family Winter Portraits | Beverly Tree Farm

The Fall is such a busy time for photographers, and it's no wonder with all the amazing colors we get with foliage in the Northeast. When that busy season pushes into November and December, though, you can sometimes be left at a loss trying to find a location that doesn't look barren and grey.  

For my late fall/winter clients, I often encourage a trip to a tree farm, like this one at the Beverly Tree Farm. The evergreens provide that festive pop of color that bring an image alive. 

I absolutely love this session with the Carroll family and their sweet little guy. He was such a happy baby, and kept giving his momma and dada kisses throughout the whole session! Oh my heart! I think his little smile speaks for itself. 

Enjoy some of my favorites from this winter tree farm session and be sure to leave some love in the comments! xo

Good Harbor Beach Family Portrait Session | The Rileys

I love the idea of having family traditions, and taking yearly family portraits is a perfect way to incorporate traditions into your family. Especially when your kids are still little, it's just so fun to track their growth from year to year. And your children will thank you later for getting in front of the camera yourself to help build these special memories. 

In this darling family beach portrait session, I'm taking you all the way back to 2014! (Gasp!) If you could see these little munchkins now, they already look so different and grown up!

Enjoy these family pictures taken at Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester, MA.  If you love the memories these guys have made, be sure to tell them in the comment section below!

Gloucester, MA Snow Day Winter Portraits \ Hannah & Tony Family Pictures

When Hannah contacted me to take her family's pictures in and around Gloucester, Mass, my mind got to working with all the fun places we could visit for our photography shoot. After weeks of planning and sending each other Pinterest ideas, we were ready!  On the morning of our session, it snowed--meaning that I was beyond excited and somewhat giddy to capture all that snowy goodness!  

We stopped by Gloucester harbor to take some family photos in front of the family fishing boat, and then made our way around the harbor for some other seaside shots.  

Our session wrapped up with an in-home studio session--pups included! Check out my favorite highlights from this sweet family's winter portrait session below!

Intimate Wedding Ceremony Rockport, MA | Roger and Suz

Roger and Suz's 4th of July wedding was special and intimate in so many ways. While they exchanged vows, they surrounded themselves with those who matter most--their two daughters and well-loved family pet Pippi.  

I arrived early to capture some special moments as the family got ready--putting on makeup and jewelry, last minute hair adjustments,  playing a few chords on the guitar, and showering Pippi with hugs.  A friend of the family conducted the ceremony as the girls sneaked excited grins at each other.  The thing I loved the most about this beautiful at-home wedding ceremony was how relaxed and genuinely happy the entire family was.  

After the ceremony, Roger gifted Suz a pen with the lyrics of an Ed Sheeran song engraved on it-- "Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars."  Excuse me while I go melt into a puddle at the sweetness of it all.

Congratulations Roger and Suz!!


Makeup: Makeup by Nikki C (

Rockport MA intimate wedding ceremony
Rockport MA intimate wedding ceremony
Rockport MA intimate wedding ceremony photography
Rockport MA intimate wedding ceremony photography getting ready
Rockport MA intimate wedding ceremony photography
Rockport MA intimate wedding ceremony photography
Rockport MA intimate wedding ceremony photography
Rockport MA intimate wedding ceremony photography
Rockport MA intimate wedding ceremony photography vows
Rockport MA intimate wedding ceremony photographer
Rockport MA intimate wedding ceremony photography
Rockport MA intimate wedding ceremony photography
Rockport MA intimate wedding ceremony photography
Rockport MA intimate wedding ceremony photography
Rockport MA intimate wedding ceremony photography
Rockport MA intimate wedding ceremony photography

Mines Falls Nashua NH family pictures | Joell & Mandy

Here in eastern Massachusetts we've had, like, the third snowiest winter on record. Just yesterday we wrapped up yet another blizzard, and tomorrow we are forecasted to get another six inches.  It was only about mid-January when everyone was wondering where the snow went.  Then we stopped wondering when the snow never stopped!

Personally, I'm a fan of the snow. If it is going to be bitter cold, it might as well be snowing.  I'm fortunate enough to not need to deal with commuting in the snow and I have a big strong man to shovel away my snow.  

Little did we know back in October when we shot this family portrait session that we would be waist deep in snow by now.  

When Mandy and I were exploring location options for her family portrait session, I mentioned Mines Falls on the recommendation of one of my fellow photographers.  Mandy and Joell were instantly excited--this was a special spot for both of them.  In fact, they take their beloved black lab Roxy for a walk there nearly every day.  This was my first time exploring Mines Falls, and I could instantly see the beauty of the natural space.  

Before their session ended, we took a few moments to capture this young family in front of their home, as they were going to be moving in a matter of a few weeks.  This family is so sweet and so near and dear to my heart.  I hope you enjoy these precious photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them!  Feel free to leave some love for this adorable family in the comment section below!

Southern NH family portrait photographer
Mines Fall Nashua NH portrait photographer
Nashua NH fall family pictures
Northshore MA fall family portraits
Northshore MA fall family pictures photographer
Mom and Baby Boy pictures southern NH photographer
Southern NH children's photographer
Mines Falls family portrait photographer

Declan | Northshore Massachusetts Newborn Portraits

Welcome to the world, Tater! (I know that you have a big boy name now that you've arrived in the world, but Tater is just fun to say!)

It was incredibly special for me to photograph Declan because I also had the privilege of photographing his big sister Jayne a couple of years ago. Of course, as we were working on keeping Declan sleepy and warm during his shoot, Jayne was keeping a watchful eye over him like a good big sister. Declan is super fortunate--he has THREE big sisters to torture look over him!  Check out some highlights from his gallery, and don't hesitate to add a comment below!

Saugus MA newborn baby portrait photographer
Northshore MA sweet newborn baby boy football portrait photographer
Northshore MA newborn baby portrait photographer
Newborn boy baby pictures Gloucester MA portrait photographer
Lifestyle photography newborn baby brother big sisters Northshore MA photographer

Courtney & Glenn | Malden, MA maternity and family portrait photography

Winter photography isn't easy for a portrait photographer.  It's cold. (Red, runny noses anyone?).  The lighting stinks. (Sun sets at 4.) And there is an ever present threat of the weather going ahead and ruining a scheduled shoot. (Especially in New England.)  Not surprisingly, most portrait photographers slow down during the winter time.  But do you know who waits for no one?  Babies!  You can never be sure when those little things will pop out.

So when Courtney asked me to take her maternity photos, I was excited at the opportunity, and eager to get started.  Her due date was about 2 1/2 weeks away during this shoot!

Northshore MA winter on location maternity and family photographer

It had just snowed a couple of days prior, so we got to take advantage of a snow-covered landscape.  Expecting mommas run hot, apparently, but it was also unseasonably warm that day!

Northshore MA winter on location maternity and family photographer

Drake popped in for some fun too!  I photographed Courtney during her first pregnancy with Drake, too, so that made this maternity shoot even more special for me!

Northshore MA winter on location maternity and family photographer

We took advantage of the light for as long as we could, but did I mention that this was the day before the SHORTEST DAY OF THE YEAR?? Um yea.  Light was fleeting.  Time to get creative.  

Northshore MA winter night on location maternity and family photographer

I brought my flash along with me for this shoot, anticipating that lighting would be working against us.  For this shot, I bounced the flash off the snow. Instant reflector! Score!

Northshore MA lifestyle black and white maternity and family photographer

Shortly after, we went back to their place to take a few more pictures of the family together.  I wanted to focus on relationships and interactions here, so I went for a "lifestyle" portrait feel.  All this basically means is that I let Court and Glenn interact naturally with each other and with Drake while I was busy perched on top of the couch snapping away. I think you can really feel the love in these pictures.  Oh the heat!

Northshore MA in home lifestyle maternity and family photographer
Northshore MA in home lifestyle maternity and family photographer

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this maternity and lifestyle portrait photography shoot. Leave your comments below!

Essex, MA fall family portraits | Langley Family

This fall I was itching to get outside to take advantage of the beautiful fall foliage and shoot some family portraits.  So I enlisted the use of some family!  It wasn't difficult to twist their arms, so we headed out to Essex.

Essex, MA fall family portrait

We were in the Greenbelt, so we set out to explore the area and began our portrait session in the clam flats.  


It was pretty cold, so the wool plaid blankets came in handy.  


I stinking love these kids!  There's nothing like being able to capture those giggles.


Photographing a family is a bit of a challenge (who knew it would be so difficult for four people to have their eyes open at the same time?), but these guys made it easy!  


Look at these cuties! Nothing says fall family portraits like a barn backdrop.


And last, but not least, the MONEY SHOT!  We did more than a couple of takes, but don't you know, it's always the first shot that comes out best.  

What do you think of how they came out?  Any comments? Suggestions?  Talk to me, and leave me a comment below!

Good Harbor Beach Maternity/Family Portraits

Well, here we go. My first official family shoot, and here are some of the results.


In typical New England fashion, it was subzero temperatures  in May.  Photoshop will take care of red noses, thankfully!


Oh yea, and it was a maternity shoot as well!


And baby JUST made her appearance this morning! Welcome, Jocelyn!