Good Harbor Beach Mini Sessions--Mila & co.

Last Spring I had a vision of summer--beautiful babies on the beach dressed in their nautical best and drenched in sun and warmth. And we needed a beach teepee, because...beach teepee (!!) In order to bring this vision to life, I reached out to my Facebook following to recruit the cutest babes around. Then, I hooked up with one of my past brides who does nautical like no one else (see her wedding on the blog here.) She owns an adorably cute (repetition for emphasis, ha!) boutique children's clothing shop in downtown Rockport called My Sea Baby.  Together we put together these beach mini-sessions on Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester MA.  Be sure to check back in over the next few days to catch all the little sea babies we captured during our mini-session on the beach that day!

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Wardrobe provided by: My Sea Baby, Rockport MA

Little K | Stoneham MA children's portraits

Over Christmas and New Year's break, I got the opportunity to get together with a close friend to take pictures of her son Kobe, who turned two a few months back. My plan was to use this great vinyl backdrop that I had just bought for Kobe's portrait session, since I had very cleverly deduced that a freezing two-year-old outside in the snow would make for a very unhappy portrait subject.

Northshore MA little boy photographer at home

Kobe had other plans.  What I had not-so-cleverly done is taken a two year old away from a video game.  Here's an important tip about photographing children: DON'T EVER TAKE A QUIET WELL-BEHAVED TWO YEAR OLD AWAY FROM A VIDEO GAME. 

Kobe 1a.jpg

This picture was taken shortly after Kobe stopped crying.  I don't think I'll ever get those accusatory eyes out of my brain. I'm sorry Kobe! 

Stoneham MA kids photographer in home
Stoneham MA kids photographer in home

One of the things I loved about this session (aside from the completely adorbs Kobe, of course) was that we got to throw in lots of wintery patterns.  And even though it was a winter portrait session shot inside, we still got the feel that it was winter. 

Northshore MA children's photographer on location
Northshore MA children's photographer on location

One thing to note about me is that two year olds make me tired just looking at them.  Kobe, however, is just about as sweet as pie. I mean, look at that smile!

Winter kids photographer Northshore MA