Get Outdoors on a Snow Day / Winter family photo session with style

One of my favorite things is when I get to take pictures of people I love. Mostly because when I’m with my clients, I try to rein in the excitement I get from a session and keep things profesh. With my friends though….I can really just let loose. “Oh my god, this looks so good!” *Insert squeal of joy here*

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing my dear friend and her family while we were away together on a getaway in Maine. We found a great tree farm nearby, and spent some time playing in the snow.

Brady family 2017-2.jpg
Brady family 2017-6.jpg

I absolutely love the outfit coordination in this session, and I often steer my winter clients to these images for inspiration. It’s okay to mix patterns if you’re working in the same color scheme.

Brady family 2017-11.jpg
Brady family 2017-15.jpg
Brady family 2017-20.jpg

I mean, come on! Don’t they look like a J Crew ad?! I am still so obsessed with these images.

Brady family 2017-28.jpg

During a session with me, I always try to get that one shot with everyone smiling into the camera. But it’s those in between moments that I really love, because that’s where you can find all of the emotion. Just look at the joy these guys have in being with one another.

Brady family 2017-36.jpg
Brady family 2017-39.jpg
Brady family 2017-41.jpg
Brady family 2017-44.jpg
Brady family 2017-51.jpg
Brady family 2017-53.jpg
Brady family 2017-58.jpg
Brady family 2017-62.jpg
Brady family 2017-72.jpg
Brady family 2017-79.jpg

To end our session, we made a quick stop to a forest filled with white birch trees. Sigh.

Brady family 2017-85.jpg
Brady family 2017-92.jpg
Brady family 2017-104.jpg