Precious Baby Girl and Big Brother Newborn Session / Little L

Little L has to be one of my favorite newborn girl sessions to date.  Weeks before our session, I had way too much fun ordering new delicate, girly, sweet headbands and stretch wraps from Etsy.  

During our session, Baby L napped while we played a soothing noise machine and kept the room nice and toasty with a space heater.  Big brother stepped in a bit later to play professional photography assistant and to join in the picture fun with his new sister.  My heart genuinely melted when he started to whisper little songs in her ear as she slept!  Gah! 

Later, during our image reveal session, Baby L's family was in tears over her image slideshow.  And can you blame them? Check our lil' L's newborn session below and don't forget to leave some love below in the comment section!


Small Business Professional & Social Media Headshots / Shane & Chris

Take a second to look at the picture you are using on your LinkedIn, Facebook, or website profile photo. Is it grainy and dark? Did you take it with a cell phone? Is it *gasp* a selfie??

Your profile picture is often the one thing on which people will base their first impression of you. And I don't think I need to lecture you about first impressions, right?

With Chris' headshots, we chose to meet up at the Boston Public Library.  The courtyard was the perfect place to get some bright, airy shots. Later, we went inside where the stacks of books made the perfect setting to reflect Chris' occupation as an engineer.  

Shane works in the seafood industry, so it was a no-brainer that we needed to head down by the docks.  The harbor was the perfect setting to show Shane's connection to the ocean.

Lyndsay is a real estate agent, so we chose an outdoor space with lots of greenery and masonry in the background.  

With each session, my clients and I brainstorm on the perfect location for you and your professional portraits. During your session, I coach you with posing so you can look your very best in every picture!  After our session, a proofing gallery is uploaded for you to pick your perfect headshot. 

You know that it's well past the time to get this task checked off your to-do list! Let's do this!

Gloucester, MA Snow Day Winter Portraits \ Hannah & Tony Family Pictures

When Hannah contacted me to take her family's pictures in and around Gloucester, Mass, my mind got to working with all the fun places we could visit for our photography shoot. After weeks of planning and sending each other Pinterest ideas, we were ready!  On the morning of our session, it snowed--meaning that I was beyond excited and somewhat giddy to capture all that snowy goodness!  

We stopped by Gloucester harbor to take some family photos in front of the family fishing boat, and then made our way around the harbor for some other seaside shots.  

Our session wrapped up with an in-home studio session--pups included! Check out my favorite highlights from this sweet family's winter portrait session below!

Intimate Wedding Ceremony Rockport, MA | Roger and Suz

Roger and Suz's 4th of July wedding was special and intimate in so many ways. While they exchanged vows, they surrounded themselves with those who matter most--their two daughters and well-loved family pet Pippi.  

I arrived early to capture some special moments as the family got ready--putting on makeup and jewelry, last minute hair adjustments,  playing a few chords on the guitar, and showering Pippi with hugs.  A friend of the family conducted the ceremony as the girls sneaked excited grins at each other.  The thing I loved the most about this beautiful at-home wedding ceremony was how relaxed and genuinely happy the entire family was.  

After the ceremony, Roger gifted Suz a pen with the lyrics of an Ed Sheeran song engraved on it-- "Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars."  Excuse me while I go melt into a puddle at the sweetness of it all.

Congratulations Roger and Suz!!


Makeup: Makeup by Nikki C (

Rockport MA intimate wedding ceremony
Rockport MA intimate wedding ceremony
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Rockport MA intimate wedding ceremony photography getting ready
Rockport MA intimate wedding ceremony photography
Rockport MA intimate wedding ceremony photography
Rockport MA intimate wedding ceremony photography
Rockport MA intimate wedding ceremony photography
Rockport MA intimate wedding ceremony photography vows
Rockport MA intimate wedding ceremony photographer
Rockport MA intimate wedding ceremony photography
Rockport MA intimate wedding ceremony photography
Rockport MA intimate wedding ceremony photography
Rockport MA intimate wedding ceremony photography
Rockport MA intimate wedding ceremony photography
Rockport MA intimate wedding ceremony photography

Mines Falls Nashua NH family pictures | Joell & Mandy

Here in eastern Massachusetts we've had, like, the third snowiest winter on record. Just yesterday we wrapped up yet another blizzard, and tomorrow we are forecasted to get another six inches.  It was only about mid-January when everyone was wondering where the snow went.  Then we stopped wondering when the snow never stopped!

Personally, I'm a fan of the snow. If it is going to be bitter cold, it might as well be snowing.  I'm fortunate enough to not need to deal with commuting in the snow and I have a big strong man to shovel away my snow.  

Little did we know back in October when we shot this family portrait session that we would be waist deep in snow by now.  

When Mandy and I were exploring location options for her family portrait session, I mentioned Mines Falls on the recommendation of one of my fellow photographers.  Mandy and Joell were instantly excited--this was a special spot for both of them.  In fact, they take their beloved black lab Roxy for a walk there nearly every day.  This was my first time exploring Mines Falls, and I could instantly see the beauty of the natural space.  

Before their session ended, we took a few moments to capture this young family in front of their home, as they were going to be moving in a matter of a few weeks.  This family is so sweet and so near and dear to my heart.  I hope you enjoy these precious photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them!  Feel free to leave some love for this adorable family in the comment section below!

Southern NH family portrait photographer
Mines Fall Nashua NH portrait photographer
Nashua NH fall family pictures
Northshore MA fall family portraits
Northshore MA fall family pictures photographer
Mom and Baby Boy pictures southern NH photographer
Southern NH children's photographer
Mines Falls family portrait photographer

Baby Girl Newborn Photography | Meghan Alice

One of the reasons I enjoy photographing newborns so much is that it is incredibly calming. You almost NEED it to be to emit those stress-free vibes to keep the babes relaxed.  When I photograph a newborn, I keep the room nice and toasty, I turn on my white noise app on my phone, and we take our time.  It's totally unrushed. We work on the baby's schedule--not our own.  And if the little one decides to poop on your blanket...well, that's okay! It was only a matter of time before it happened anyway!  

For this session, I traveled to Nashua, NH to photograph Meghan in her native element (aka her home.)  The travel time was well worth it after I captured those first few gorgeous images.

It was such a joy to photograph Meghan when she was only eight days young.  Her momma is one of my good friends, and I love charming my friends with gorgeous pictures of their loved ones. Did Mom cry when she first saw the slideshow of Meghan's pictures? What do you think?

Welcome to the world Meghan Alice!

Southern NH newborn photographer
Nashua NH newborn photographer
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sweet baby girl southern nh newborn photographer

Concord, MA engagement session | Kelly and Tony

When Kelly first contacted me to photograph her and her fiance's wedding, it felt like we had already known each other for months. THAT'S how friendly she is.  And when I met her fiance, Tony, it was cemented that they were the sweetest couple ever. 

Their love affair (why does that sound so scandalous!) began when they met each other out on the town one night in Worcester, MA.  Now, they can't wait to celebrate the love they have for each other just a few months from now in Newport, RI!  

As the happy couple lives in Worcester and I am located on the North shore, we met each other halfway in lovely Concord, Massachusetts at the Old North Bridge.  It was my first time exploring the area, and hopefully not the last time my travels will take me there!  We had lots of fun making photographic magic in fields of wild flowers, on old historic bridges, atop rustic wooden fences, and among gorgeously manicured gardens. I'm so excited to be photographing Kelly and Tony's Newport wedding this May!  

Enjoy some of my favorites from their engagement portrait session from earlier this fall, and don't forget to leave them some love in the comment section below!

Concord MA engagement photographer
Old North Bridge engagement photographer
massachusetts fall engagement photography
Old North Bridge MA engagement pictures
Old North Bridge fall engagement pictures
lovely plaid in field fall engagement pictures
Massachusetts engagement portrait photographer

Gloucester House Bridal Shower | Shawna and Darren

Sometimes it feels like living in Gloucester is living on the other side of the world.  I have plenty of people in my life who are my "summertime" friends, who I usually only see when they come to beach.  I've grown used to a 30 minute minimum drive no matter what.  So getting the opportunity to photograph Shawna and Darren's bridal shower at the Gloucester House was something truly special.  It felt good to be working locally for a change!

Shawna is a good friend and co-worker of my husband, and, in fact, have known each other for many years.  So when she got engaged, I was incredibly honored that she asked me to capture her bridal shower, knowing how much time, energy, and love she put into arranging all the details of that day.  

Shawna looked like a dream at her bridal shower, wearing her mother's wedding dress.  Also, if you know anything about shoes or fashion you will surely swoon when you spot those red-soled beauties (ahem, Mr. Louboutin) she wore to her bridal shower.

If you know Shawna, it won't surprise you that her bridal shower quickly morphed its way into a dance party with the help of DJ Vito and lasted well into the evening hours. 

I have to say, one of my favorite things about this party, aside from the darling couple, was Shawna's complete and utter joy and excitement on that day--and happiness in being able to share it with some of her closest girlfriends.

 Please enjoy some of my favorites from that day, and leave some comments below too!

Congratulations, Shawna and Darren! 12.31.2014

Gloucester House Bridal Shower Photographer
Gloucester MA event photography
Gloucester House bridal shower pictures
Stylish Bridal Party Bridal Shower Gloucester MA
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Frank and Heather's Essex MA Beach Wedding

When Heather first contacted me to capture her beach wedding, she warned me that her and Frank were "not serious people," followed by an anecdote of a time that Frank was attacked by the cat because he had playfully placed a feather bandanna on his head.  

True to her word, Heather and Frank's beach wedding could only be described as playful, laid-back, and perfectly nautical. Heather's vision of her wedding day had me hooked at "beach", but when she mentioned "tidal island", "clam-bake", and arriving to the island in a canoe, I was swooning.  

Heather owns a nautically themed baby apparel boutique called My SeaBaby in downtown Rockport (visit her website), and her designs are precious.  Her sense of style was perfectly reflected in all the small touches she carefully planned for her wedding day.  

Enjoy some of the moments I captured on that day.  Don't forget to leave your comments in the section below! I'd love to hear from you!

Essex River Cruises Photographer
flower girl nautical canoe Mass wedding photographer
Beach Wedding Photographer Gloucester MA
Darling Details Essex MA beach wedding pictures
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Essex River Cruises Bride and Groom wedding photographer

Courtny and Katelyn | Salem High School Senior Girls' Portraits

I've known these girls since they were little tots, and, yes, they were just as adorable back then too.  Cortney and Katelyn are seniors at Salem High School in Salem, NH.  Yes, they are twins. Was that fun to photograph, you ask? UMYES!

They are looking forward to graduating (finally!) in June 2015; this is, of course, reliant on the fact that they can keep themselves awake during 1st period History class.  

Katelyn is an aspiring photographer herself, so it made me more than a little happy to talk photography with her.  It was actually kind of nice for someone to understand me when I started drooling when we stumbled across an insanely gorgeous field of wildflowers.

Both of these girls have a bright future ahead of them.  I can't wait to see what they will achieve! 

We shot on location at the Robert Frost Farm in Derry, New Hampshire, as well as the orchard at Mack's Apples in Londonderry.

Northshore MA HS Senior portrait photographer
Fall Senior Pictures Southern NH portrait photographer
Farm and Field Senior Girl Portrait Photographer Gloucester MA
Northshore MA fall HS Senior Girl Photographer Salem
Flower Fields Northshore MA HS Senior Pictures Photographer
High School Senior Pictures in Apple Orchard Northshore MA photographer
High School Senior Twin Girls Portrait Photography Northshore MA
Twin High School Girls Senior Pictures Southern NH portrait photographer Apple Orchard Mack's Apples

Rockport, MA HS Senior Portraits | Saasha

I had been hinting begging Saasha to let me take her senior pictures for quite some time.  She is the type of person who gives so  much of herself, that I just had to give something back.  Not to mention that I just KNEW the kind of photographic magic we could create! We set about Rockport, MA one summer evening, making sure to hit all the hot spots, like Motif #1 and some rocky coves.  Have a peek at some highlights, and if you like what you see leave me some love in the comments! XOXO

Rockport Massachusetts HS Senior Girl Summer Field Portrait Photographer
Rockport Harbor Motif #1 HS Senior Pictures Photographer
Nautical Senior Pictures Rockport MA photographer
Northshore MA HS Senior Pictures Portrait Photographer Rockport
Classic Coastal New England HS Senior Portrait Photographer Massachusetts
Gloucester MA HS Senior Pictures on Beach
Beach Portrait Session Gloucester MA HS Senior Pictures
Ipswich MA HS Senior Girl Portrait Photographer Beach

Declan | Northshore Massachusetts Newborn Portraits

Welcome to the world, Tater! (I know that you have a big boy name now that you've arrived in the world, but Tater is just fun to say!)

It was incredibly special for me to photograph Declan because I also had the privilege of photographing his big sister Jayne a couple of years ago. Of course, as we were working on keeping Declan sleepy and warm during his shoot, Jayne was keeping a watchful eye over him like a good big sister. Declan is super fortunate--he has THREE big sisters to torture look over him!  Check out some highlights from his gallery, and don't hesitate to add a comment below!

Saugus MA newborn baby portrait photographer
Northshore MA sweet newborn baby boy football portrait photographer
Northshore MA newborn baby portrait photographer
Newborn boy baby pictures Gloucester MA portrait photographer
Lifestyle photography newborn baby brother big sisters Northshore MA photographer

Top of the Hub Reception Brunch Boston MA | Darren & Sam

Hi friends!

I'm back with another post highlighting a super-sweet wedding reception brunch that I photographed over the summer at the Top of the Hub in Boston.  Darren and Samantha had a small out-of-state family ceremony the weekend before, but it was just as important for them to celebrate their nuptials with all of their Boston friends!  

The thing that struck me the most about Darren and Sam's reception was the genuine affection that was a near-tangible element filling the room.  Not just the love that Darren and Sam had for each other, but the affection that Darren and Sam had for their friends and that their friends showed in return.  

So here we are--friends begin to arrive to the Prudential Center and are greeting with warm smiles and stunning views of Boston.

Top of the Hub Boston MA Reception Brunch Photographer
Top of the Hub Boston MA Reception Brunch Candids Photographer
Darling Bride Small Details Boston Mass Wedding photographer
Wedding Couple So Loved Top of the Hub Boston MA wedding photography
Prudential Center Boston MA wedding photography
Garden Bridal Portraits Boston MA wedding photographer
Top of the Hub Boston MA Reception Brunch Photographer
Top of the Hub Boston MA Reception Brunch Photographer

Congratulations, Darren and Sam!

Feel free to leave some love in the comments section below.

Wedding Reception Brunch held at the Top of the Hub, Prudential Center, Boston Massachusetts

Makeup by Ashley Christine



Rockport, MA Nautical Engagement Session | Jacob and Lindsay

Jacob and Lindsay's engagement session from the beginning of the summer was easily one of my favorite portrait sessions to date.  I knew it was going to be magic the second Lindsay and I met up to chat about her session to go over her ideas, and she pulled out her Pinterest board and DIY nautical props.  Honestly. Magic!  

We stayed in Rockport for the majority of our session, even spending some time in the exact spot Lindsay's parents got engaged many years back.  Later we hit the beach for a little picnic under the Ultra Mega Moon. (Isn't that the scientific name for it?)

Downtown Rockport MA nautical patriotic engagement session photographer
Motif #1 Rockport MA summer engagement session photographer
Bearskin Neck Rockport MA nautical engagement pictures photographer
Sun drenched Rockport MA engagement photographer Bearskin Neck ice cream shop black and white
Halibut Point Rockport MA engagement session photographer sunset dreamy
Halibut Point Rockport Massachusetts Sunset Portrait engagement Photographer
Good Harbor Beach Gloucester MA nautical summer picnic engagement session photographer
Moon Rising Over Ocean Good Harbor Beach Gloucester MA summer nautical engagement session photographer

Intimate Wedding at Lake Quannapowitt, Wakefield MA | Beckee & Robbie

Sometimes things just fall into place.  When I was first asked to capture Beckee and Robbie's wedding at the lake in Wakefield, I had already been booked for a wedding on the Northshore that day.  Beckee and her family are good friends of mine, and I've known them for quite some time, so, naturally, I was pretty bummed. 

Fast forward a few hours later, and I receive a call from my bride telling me that her wedding would be postponed due to a family emergency.  When Beckee found out that I would be available to photograph her wedding, she was ecstatic!  (Like, really, I think she used that word.)

We quickly swapped bridal shot ideas and some Pinterest pics and got pretty jazzed up about the whole thing. Fast forward a few days, and it's the day of the wedding!  

Beckee and Robbie were united in marriage in front of their family and close friends at Lake Quannapowitt in Wakefield, Massachusetts.  Beckee made a gorgeous bride.  As a hairstylist and makeup artist for over twenty years, she is really on top of her game. (Check out her beauty blog!) I don't think you need my words to tell you she looked stunning--I mean, just look at the pictures.  She even made her bouquet all by herself--like, what??

DIY Bridal Bouquet Lake Quannapowitt Wakefield MA wedding photographer
Beautiful Bride Northshore MA small intimate wedding photographer

Beckee's three sons escorted her down the "aisle" where Robbie was waiting with his "best man," his lovely young daughter.  Beckee's father, Jack, gave the wedding talk, and even managed  to keep a dry eye the entire time. 

Bride escorted by three sons small park wedding Wakefield MA photographer
Intimate wedding ceremony Lake Quannapowitt Photographer MA
Small family park wedding vow exchange Wakefield lake photographer MA

Afterward the family gathered together for one giant family photo.  Can you believe that this is just immediate family? (And that one more has been added to the bunch since then--welcome, baby Brock!)  The Beaudoin family is seriously one good-looking group of folks. 

Large family picture at Park Wedding Ceremony Northshore MA photographer

The festivities were just beginning, and a backyard celebration complete with champagne and cake lasted into the night.

Groom popping the champagne backyard wedding celebration photographer Northshore MA

Congratulations, Beckee and Robbie!  

Bride and Groom wedding formals on a park bench Lake Quannapowitt wedding photographer MA
Lake Quannapowitt MA Small intimate ceremony wedding photographer
Lake Quannapowitt MA Small intimate ceremony wedding photographer
Lake Quannapowitt MA Small intimate ceremony wedding photographer
Lake Quannapowitt MA Small intimate ceremony wedding photographer

Don't forget to leave me your love in the comments section below! I love to hear from all of you!

Little K | Stoneham MA children's portraits

Over Christmas and New Year's break, I got the opportunity to get together with a close friend to take pictures of her son Kobe, who turned two a few months back. My plan was to use this great vinyl backdrop that I had just bought for Kobe's portrait session, since I had very cleverly deduced that a freezing two-year-old outside in the snow would make for a very unhappy portrait subject.

Northshore MA little boy photographer at home

Kobe had other plans.  What I had not-so-cleverly done is taken a two year old away from a video game.  Here's an important tip about photographing children: DON'T EVER TAKE A QUIET WELL-BEHAVED TWO YEAR OLD AWAY FROM A VIDEO GAME. 

Kobe 1a.jpg

This picture was taken shortly after Kobe stopped crying.  I don't think I'll ever get those accusatory eyes out of my brain. I'm sorry Kobe! 

Stoneham MA kids photographer in home
Stoneham MA kids photographer in home

One of the things I loved about this session (aside from the completely adorbs Kobe, of course) was that we got to throw in lots of wintery patterns.  And even though it was a winter portrait session shot inside, we still got the feel that it was winter. 

Northshore MA children's photographer on location
Northshore MA children's photographer on location

One thing to note about me is that two year olds make me tired just looking at them.  Kobe, however, is just about as sweet as pie. I mean, look at that smile!

Winter kids photographer Northshore MA

Courtney & Glenn | Malden, MA maternity and family portrait photography

Winter photography isn't easy for a portrait photographer.  It's cold. (Red, runny noses anyone?).  The lighting stinks. (Sun sets at 4.) And there is an ever present threat of the weather going ahead and ruining a scheduled shoot. (Especially in New England.)  Not surprisingly, most portrait photographers slow down during the winter time.  But do you know who waits for no one?  Babies!  You can never be sure when those little things will pop out.

So when Courtney asked me to take her maternity photos, I was excited at the opportunity, and eager to get started.  Her due date was about 2 1/2 weeks away during this shoot!

Northshore MA winter on location maternity and family photographer

It had just snowed a couple of days prior, so we got to take advantage of a snow-covered landscape.  Expecting mommas run hot, apparently, but it was also unseasonably warm that day!

Northshore MA winter on location maternity and family photographer

Drake popped in for some fun too!  I photographed Courtney during her first pregnancy with Drake, too, so that made this maternity shoot even more special for me!

Northshore MA winter on location maternity and family photographer

We took advantage of the light for as long as we could, but did I mention that this was the day before the SHORTEST DAY OF THE YEAR?? Um yea.  Light was fleeting.  Time to get creative.  

Northshore MA winter night on location maternity and family photographer

I brought my flash along with me for this shoot, anticipating that lighting would be working against us.  For this shot, I bounced the flash off the snow. Instant reflector! Score!

Northshore MA lifestyle black and white maternity and family photographer

Shortly after, we went back to their place to take a few more pictures of the family together.  I wanted to focus on relationships and interactions here, so I went for a "lifestyle" portrait feel.  All this basically means is that I let Court and Glenn interact naturally with each other and with Drake while I was busy perched on top of the couch snapping away. I think you can really feel the love in these pictures.  Oh the heat!

Northshore MA in home lifestyle maternity and family photographer
Northshore MA in home lifestyle maternity and family photographer

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this maternity and lifestyle portrait photography shoot. Leave your comments below!

Auburn, NH Anniversary Portrait | Mom and Dad!

Back in early November before the snow started to fall, I went up to my parent's house on a Sunday.  My Mom, who is a real estate agent for Keller Williams in Bedford, NH, needed new head shots done for her website and "For Sale" signs.  I happily obliged as I had never taken "business professional" head shots before, and, well, why not?  It's the least I could do for me mum!

So after we got that out of the way, my Mom and I dragged my Dad outside to take some pictures of the two of them.  I'm sure you could imagine his "ecstatic face".  Just kidding, he wasn't ecstatic at all.  But he played along because he's a good Dad and he loves his wife and daughter very much!


My parents have been married for 38 years! Come on, Internet, give them a round of applause!  38 years!

Sure, my Mom still makes my Dad late all the time, and SURE my Dad always throws away my Mom's stuff when she's not looking...but THAT'S the face of true love right there.  It doesn't get much better than that.


 Their backyard is pretty much my favorite.  If I lived there I would force all my clients to stand in my backyard for winter shoots so we could get that "snow covered pine trees" look.  Alas I do not.


I LOVE this last picture.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me post this one already. I just think my parents are super adorable.

I guess this is what you would call a mini-session because the entire shot lasted less than ten minutes.  In the end, their gallery has about 9 portraits to choose from.  

So what do you think of this couples "anniversary" session?

 Leave me your thoughts, ideas, or suggestions below!

Essex, MA fall family portraits | Langley Family

This fall I was itching to get outside to take advantage of the beautiful fall foliage and shoot some family portraits.  So I enlisted the use of some family!  It wasn't difficult to twist their arms, so we headed out to Essex.

Essex, MA fall family portrait

We were in the Greenbelt, so we set out to explore the area and began our portrait session in the clam flats.  


It was pretty cold, so the wool plaid blankets came in handy.  


I stinking love these kids!  There's nothing like being able to capture those giggles.


Photographing a family is a bit of a challenge (who knew it would be so difficult for four people to have their eyes open at the same time?), but these guys made it easy!  


Look at these cuties! Nothing says fall family portraits like a barn backdrop.


And last, but not least, the MONEY SHOT!  We did more than a couple of takes, but don't you know, it's always the first shot that comes out best.  

What do you think of how they came out?  Any comments? Suggestions?  Talk to me, and leave me a comment below!